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Megan & Gabriel

Firstly, Drea took the time to get to know us as a couple. She was also very responsive to any questions we had and made us feel comfortable throughout the process.
She captured every moment beautifully, from the pre-ceremony preparations to the reception dance floor. She was also very discreet, blending into the background to capture candid moments without being intrusive.

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Meet Drea M, the heart and soul behind Drea Dreams. As the passionate photographer, wedding enthusiast, and pose coach.
story telling & photography

A seamlessly tailored experience from start to finish

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but worry not if you're unsure where to begin. You are in the right place. We have an intimate understanding of the process and prioritize your comfort.

Your wedding isn't merely an event; it's an emotional symphony. And we're here to capture every moment: the stolen glances, whispered promises, and happy tears. Think of us as your trusted allies, expertly guiding you with discretion through the process to ensure your wedding day is as stress-free as possible.


Let's customize a story in which you are the protagonist!

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