Preparing your engagement 

In the iconic New York has never been easier! With the help of AI, every step of your special day becomes simple and memorable.

Find Iconic Locations

Explore the most emblematic locations of the Big Apple without leaving your home. The tool "NYCExplorer" suggests sites that reflect the vibrant essence of New York, providing you with a preview before making a final decision.

Stress-Free Organization

"SmartPlanner" streamlines task management and reservations. From coordinating with providers to logistical planning, this tool eases every detail, allowing you to enjoy the process without worries.

Interactive Digital album 

Create an interactive digital album with "MemoriesApp." Capture and organize every special moment of your engagement in vibrant New York City, crafting a digital record you can cherish forever."

Transform Your Dream Engagement Session with Advanced Technology and Drea Dreams!

Using the most cutting-edge AI technologies, alongside our team of photography experts at Drea Dreams, we'll turn your engagement session into an authentic and enchanting memory amidst vibrant New York City. Contact us to embark on this journey towards your perfect engagement session!